Thursday, December 14, 2006

What else goes on here?

Something I have had a lot of fun doing is making these Orifice Hooks. I learned to make hooks from the late spinning wheel restorer Bill Ralph, but when I tried to make them on my own I couldn't get them to hold together so I added a bead to the design and next I made a bunch for my guild friends, and next somebody said they would take twelve to a festival...Before long I was selling quite a lot of them, and had an ad in SpinOff, and a little article, which led Amy Clark Moore to ask me to write a back-page essay (see SpinOff Winter 2005).
People from all around the world have bought hooks, and I never get tired of making them. So if you would like one, email me at telling me your favorite color and I will make you a hook with that color lampwork or faceted bead. If it is for an antique wheel let me know that too because I will adjust the size of the hook part accordingly. $12 includes shipping in a very nice box. If the hook is a gift, let me know so I will package the box for presentation. Multiple orders ship priority and include a box for each hook.

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